Last Call...

FINALLY! A new season of Last Call with Carson Daly has begun. If you're not aware of the overhaul Carson & Co. have done to the show's format, you need to check it out. He's out of the studio and tromping all around the west coast in search of little known hotspots; who else can film a show in a bar one night, and on an army base the next?! Intriguing guests, stories, and he's always trying to give talented bands their break onto a larger scene.

PS - the show airs at weeknights at 2:03am CST, so set the DVR.

You can even follow Carson on Twitter: @carsonjdaly to get the upcoming scoop of what's coming up next.
For an insider's tip, check out ilistentoeverything.com - Diana Miller's music blog, oh, and did I mention she's the Talent Exec for Last Call??

To pay homage to Biggie...

If you don't know. Now you know.