The Rose of Jericho

Just got word of another ground-breaking drop in the world of music.  BT has just released "The Rose of Jericho," his first single since the album THIS BINARY UNIVERSE from three years ago.
From BT's MySpace blog:
"It's been a long time since I've written music that I could feature in one of my Laptop Symphony sets. Not only is this track a floor-filling monster, it really features my current electronic music inspirations - minimal beats with big strong melodic and harmonic content. This track rips the A** off a dance floor. I've played it from Korea to Brazil, and it's the biggest track I've had to play out for years."

Grab a good set of headphones (I prefer Skullcandy SK Pros), and go here to enjoy the track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sLRMAkc2aM


FINALLY!  After what seems like an eternity, MUTEMATH has announced Armistice, their much anticipated (which is an understatement to their fans, who are more likely foaming at the mouth) sophomore follow up to the self-titled release back in the fall of 2006.  From what I've been able to stream so far, with the Spotlight EP and the latest tease, titled "The Nerve," which can be heard at MUTEMATH.com, they've taken a larger leap into the evolution of what I believe will be a long career in the biz.  This was my gift-of-music a few years back, to friends I felt should take a close listen to this amazing talent, that has truly blessed us with a uniqueness not heard for quite some time.  Oh yeah, not to mention, they're the BEST live act I've ever seen!

Way to go guys!  Now when's the next tour?!


So, what's for dinner?



Welcome to Moffett's Marquee!
Here's the mystery behind this blog:  In college I lived around the corner from a tattoo shop that had a small marquee out front, and would post short, clever phrases about getting inked.  I wanted to produce a book of Polaroids of all their different marquee postings.  At the time, I couldn't afford the film (broke college kid).  So now I'm going to use this blog to post pictures of clever (and just plain funny) marquee postings; a medium that's nostalgic to me, and under-used as a vintage art-form with today's thirst for retro cool.  I'll also throw in some music, action sports, gear head info, and all things innovative and inspirational.

So sit back, relax, throw me on your RSS reader (I prefer Google's), and...

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