Made in the USA!

Who's tired of hearing the phrase, "Due to the downturn in the economy,..."?? Me too. Being the sustainable hopeful that I am, here's an idea....no, strike that; here is YOUR challenge for this holiday season.

I'm not going to get all "Betsy Ross" on you, but she'd be a little ticked at our buying habits if she was still around today. So, let's do our part to get OUR economy back on track, and let's do it with some PRIDE!!

When you begin to make your list & check it twice, buy gifts that proudly adorn a "Made in USA" tag or label. We (America) outsource too many products that we consume on a daily basis, and we have gotten into a routine of blindly purchasing items without a care as to where they were made. It is a bit disheartening that we have come to expect "Made in China" to be on EVERYTHING we buy.

I charge everyone who reads this to take on this challenge with me this year to buy AMERICAN, and buy from local businesses whenever possible, as the small business is the American dream. So let's keep that American dream alive!!

Here's some websites (some are cheesey, but helpful) you can find lists of American-made products:

Who knew New Balance shoes were made in the USA?!?! I think I may have to switch from my love of shoes that rhyme with "likey."

Let's give the good 'ol US of A some economic spark this holiday season!