Sophomore Success

When's the last time you anxiously awaited an album's release, and made sure to run down to the record store and pick it up? Seriously, think about it. If you simply accept listening to the corporate radio that's forced out through the FM dial in your car, I can bet it might be once in your life. If you're an avid concert goer, you might be able to count the times on one hand. For those that of us that are plugged in to satellite radio, MySpace, Pandora, MOG, and music blogs, you'll need two hands. (There is one exception: if you are a girl and were in your tweens in the mid 90's, you did this repeatedly for N'Sync & the Backstreet Boys; neither of which count for this discussion)

When I asked my fiancee when was the last time she bought a new album the day of it's release.....well, it took a minute to remember (and she's in the music aficionado category). My point is, very few bands really generate that energy in us as we grow older, and the one's that do have something that ignites that spark inside of us.

Today, MUTEMATH released Armistice, their much anticipated sophomore album, and yours truly couldn't wait to go buy it after work (at my LOCAL indie record store - a whole other topic right there). This was certainly one of the few albums I can remember that I made sure to pick it up on the actual release date. Others have included Dave Matthews Band - Crash, Incubus - A Crow Left of the Murder, Metallica - St. Anger, and BT - This Binary Universe, to name a few.

Brief Armistice review - Progressively stunning, in every way that I could expect MUTEMATH to continue to harmoniously evolve. Crisp vocals, aggressive beats at times, and resounding melodies. 4.8 out of 5. (we'll leave the 5's for the Beatles, MJ, and Miles Davis)

Oh, and did I mention that MUTEMATH consistently puts on the BEST live performance I've ever seen?! Check out MUTEMATH for tour listings, score some tickets, and be prepared to walk away feeling more alive than when you walked in the door.

"The Spotlight is on!"