Welcome to Moffett's Marquee!
Here's the mystery behind this blog:  In college I lived around the corner from a tattoo shop that had a small marquee out front, and would post short, clever phrases about getting inked.  I wanted to produce a book of Polaroids of all their different marquee postings.  At the time, I couldn't afford the film (broke college kid).  So now I'm going to use this blog to post pictures of clever (and just plain funny) marquee postings; a medium that's nostalgic to me, and under-used as a vintage art-form with today's thirst for retro cool.  I'll also throw in some music, action sports, gear head info, and all things innovative and inspirational.

So sit back, relax, throw me on your RSS reader (I prefer Google's), and...

Don't forget to look up!